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At the coming R+T Turkey

about 100 exhibitors will

present their innova-

tions, products and new


R+T Turkey

R+T Turkey already exceeded all expectations at its pre-

miere in Istanbul in November 2013. Since then, the

Turkish trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun

protection has steadily developed and takes place eve-

ry two years on the fairgrounds CNR EXPO in Istanbul.

At the R+T Turkey 2015 119 companies, of which 35

came fromabroad, presented their innovations on 11 000



.They came to Istanbul from a total of eight countries:

fromTurkey itself, China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Korea,

Slovakia and Spain. For the most part, products from the

area of interior sun protection and blinds were present-

ed (38 percent), followed by awnings (23 percent), exte-

rior sun protection and roller shutters (21 percent) along

with accessories (16 percent). Of the 7 021 visitors, about

one-third were from abroad, primarily from Iran, Greece,

Germany, Bulgaria and Italy.

The next R+T Turkey is just about to take place; visitors

from around the world will assemble in Istanbul from

1 to 4 March 2017 to find out about the latest indus-

try trends. Over 100 exhibitors will then present inno-

vations, products and new technologies from the areas

of roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection for the

construction industry. These include internationally well-known

industry representatives from Turkey and Europe, such as Monte

Carlo Tente, ICA, Medo Tente, Bars¸ Tente, Brillant, Serge -Ferrari,

Nice and Cherubini. Interested trade visitors can find out about the

latest developments of the German firms taking part in the context

of the German Pavilion.

Reservations regarding the security situation on the part of some

our international customers are justified, but do not just apply to

Istanbul. Roland Bleinroth, managing director of Messe Stuttgart,

“We are delighted that the third R+TTurkey has developed so posi-

tively and that our customers are also standing by this market plat-

form, particularly in a somewhat difficult environment. Precisely

our Turkish customers appreciate this. Despite any political insta-

bility, Turkey continues to be an important economic area with a

strong domestic market.”

R+T International 7

R+T South America

The latest R+T subsidiary was staged for the first time in São Paulo

in 2016. It was possible at the first go to recruit almost all the mar-

ket leaders of the particular industries for the trade fair. Due to the

unfortunately limited exhibition area of 3 300 m


, there were even

more interested parties than could be accommodated.

Of the 52 exhibitors in total, 35 were from abroad and 17 from

Brazil. Moreover, numerous European and extra-European com-

panies were represented by their Brazilian or South American

partners. The products exhibited included innovations from the

areas of interior sun protection (43 percent), technical textiles

(24 percent), fittings and compoinclude(22 percent), awnings (16

percent), exterior sun protection (14 percent) and door/gate sys-

tems (10 percent). Of the total of 6

705 trade visitors, 79 percent came

from Brazil, 21 percent came chief-

ly from the neighbouring countries

Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Uru-

guay, Peru, but also from USA in

part made long journeys and to do

so. According to the survey results,

96 percent of those who attended

R+T South America 2016 intended

to do so again and to recommend it.

Of the visitors, 93 percent evaluated

R+T South America as “very good”


The R+T South America

was able to put on a con-

vincing and varied sup-

porting programme. For

example, renowned ex-

perts at the“ExpeR+T Conference 2016 for sun protec-

tion systems, windows & doors”provided profound in-

sights into new industry developments and trends. The

conference was directed primarily to the target group of

architects, which is especially relevant to the Brazilian

market. The talks and discussions opened up ways of

understanding and getting to know the Brazilian mar-

ket better.

The next R+T South America will take place from 9 to

12 May 2018 in a new fairgrounds, the São Paulo Expo,

which provides more modern and superior infrastruc-

ture. Just as at the 2016 premiere, the next edition of the

trade fair will take place simultaneously with the Glass

South America. Currently, numerous exhibitors from

the first event have already secured exhibition area for

2018, for example Centerlux (Brazil), Acro Iris (Brazil),

Injetec de Friburgo (Brazil), Nevaluz (Spain), Dongwon

Industries (Korea) and Berteks (Turkey).

vices are. I’m really

looking forward to being

able to experience the

product innovations live

in Stuttgart!”“

Philipp Götz,

Senior Project Advisor

“Since I’m new to the pro-

ject team, I’m naturally

especially fascinated by

the next R+T. So far I have

been accepted with open

arms in the industry and

am surprised at how versa-

tile the products and ser-

Messe Stuttgart

Messe Stuttgart

Messe Stuttgart