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The BVT Association Doors/Gates serves the

interests of SME manufacturers and special-

ised dealer companies of door/gate systems

of all kinds for industrial, commercial, private

residential and administrative construction. In

addition, the subcontractor industry is also or-

ganised in the BVT in the form of the manu-

facturers of door drives, door controls, sensors

and security installations as well as of profiles,

panels and fittings. Currently, the association

represents about 170 industry companies lo-

cated throughout Germany and its neigh-


The product groups represented by the BVT range from sectional

and roll-up doors and gates, roller grilles, sliding, folding, tilt, hinged

and high speed products to special ones for fire, smoke, noise and

flood protection. In addition, BVT companies produce power-actu-

ated booms, access control facilities, barriers, door drives and con-

trols and protective installations for doors.

The association maintains customer relationships with all major

business sectors, e.g. the construction industry, automotive indus-

try, logistic sector and mechanical engineering and plant construc-

tion. The member companies provide doors to the food industry,

commercial, handicraft, service and public enterprise operations

(e.g. airports and harbours) and public institutions such as sport

places, hospitals, military installations, administrative buildings or

fire brigades and other auxiliary services.

The BVT promotes the exchange of experience and cooperation

BVT – National Federation of

Door and Gate Manufacturers

between members in work groups and com-

mittees in the fields of technology, standardi-

sation, brand development and statistics, pro-

vides advice on business management, legal

and work safety questions and represents

joint industry interests vis-a-vis parliaments,

authorities, organisations and regulatory au-

thorities at the national and international lev-

el. The association keeps its members up to

date with regular information services on de-

velopments in laws, ordinances and regula-

tions, is their contact for trademedia and press

services and the cooperation partner of trade fair companies. Fur-

thermore, it provides regular courses for experts on the inspection

of power-actuated doors and gates.

The BVT is a trade group in the Trade Association of Various Iron

and Steel Goods (‘Fachverband Industrie verschiedener Eisen- und

Stahlwaren e.V. (IVEST), one of the major trade associations in the

umbrella association ‘WSM - Wirtschaftsverband Stahl- und Met-

allverarbeitung e.V. (Economic Association Steel and Metal Work-

ing). Moreover, the BVT is a member in the European industry as-

sociation EDSF, which represents the interests of the door/gate

associations at the EU level.

The national industry turnover of all door manufacturers (including

door components of all kinds) is approximately 1.8 billion euros per

year. The export ratio is about 20 percent. About 10 500 people are

employed in the door/gate industry, including the subcontractors.

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Patricia Claus,

Project Advisor

R+T International

“From the point of view

of the R+T worldwide

team, the R+T in Stuttgart

is a highlight every time.

Many international exhi-

bitors and visitors and as a

result also different cultu-

res and languages are on

one spot. I find this unique

and I especially look for-

ward to it. And above all

to seeing well-known

faces of the international

R+T satellite trade fairs

from Brazil, Turkey or Chi-

na again in Stuttgart.“

Messe Stuttgart