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The Executive Board of the

BVRS (chairman Heinrich

Abletshauser, Reinhard

Kowalewski, Meinhard

Berger, Frank Rönnfeld,

Matthias Klenner) with

general manager Christoph

Silber-Bonz (from the right).

14 Associations

Its word carries weight, its voice

is heard, both in the trade audi-

ence and in politics. And a good

thing too. This is because, given

an environment that is changing

at an increasing speed in which

the R+S companies have to oper-

ate and face competition, a trade

association is indispensable that

performs a “pilot function”, rec-

ognises emerging trends at an

early stage and provides its mem-

bers with expert support in their

activities in an exciting, but chal-

lenging future, is indispensable.

Among other things, this purpose

is served through the provision of individual advice to association

members by specialist departments of the association as well as by

a wide range of seminars, specialist compendia, regular newsletters

and its own trade journal, which supply the companies continuously

with current information.

The BVRS plays a decisive role in helping to configure the regula-

tions under which the roller shutter and sun protection handicraft

operates.Whether national or European standards, technical guide-

lines or the grant criteria of the KfW Development Bank: the BVRS

experts make a contribution everywhere and in this way help to cre-

ate conditions suitable for competition in which the R+S specialist

companies can operate successfully.

The BVRS and the guilds linked to it also helped to develop and

gain recognition for the skills of the handicraft after the obligation to

qualify as a master lapsed over ten years ago. Newmarkets could be

obtained with a consistent quality strategy: sustainable energy-sav-

BVRS – Federal Association for Manufacturers

of Roller Shutters and Sun Protection

A few months before the R+T 2018 the Bundesverband Rollladen + Sonnenschutz (BVRS - National

Association of Roller Shutters + Sun Protection), the association of about 700 specialist companies

of the roller shutter and sun protection industry and one of the sponsor associations of the R+T,

can draw up a very positive balance sheet on its work.

ing, improved security of homes and increasing living comfort for all

generations through automation.

An important course was set for the future of the entire industry with

the reorganisation procedure that was successfully concluded at the

beginning of the current training year for the training profession

“roller shutter and sun protection mechatronic”with the so-called

“extended journeyman examination”and its own examination sub-

ject“drive and control technology.”This further development of the

profession made a decisive contribution to modernising the training

in the R+S handicraft and thus also positioning it as an attractive al-

ternative to studying.

The BVRS supports its member companies with its comprehensive

publicity work. This includes continuous professional press work as

well as a modern Internet presentation, tailored to the different tar-

get groups and the annual roller shutter and sun protection confer-


At the same time, the R+S handicraft is operating in a very positive

economic environment: low interest rates, high purchasing power

and a strong tendency to increasing value of real property - all of this

results in record figures for turnover, employment and readiness to

invest among the companies. The ground could not be better pre-

pared for the R+T.

But highs can be followed by lows. The industry, and with it the

BVRS, also have to be prepared for these. It is necessary to keep de-

velopments in view at all times, but at the same time also always

keep the association structures and comprehensive range of services

for the member companies under review. Just like all the other ex-

hibitors at the R+T, the BVRS is constantly involved in developing

new ideas to become even better in representing the interests of its

members even more efficiently.This is part of its duty as sponsor as-

sociation of such an innovative trade fair like the R+T.


The first documented origins of the association can be

found in the post-war year 1947, but its actual origins

are probably in the 1920s. After the ViS, as the Verband

innenliegender Sicht- und Sonnenschutz (Association

for Interior Privacy and Sun Shades) is known for short,

had in recent decades developed its capabilities primarily

in the fields of technology and marketing, it was able to

greatly expand its range as an association with the move

of its office toWuppertal in 2013.

Thanks to its cooperation with the office of the Verband der

Deutschen Heimtextilien-Industrie (Association of German Home

Textile Industries), ViS members had access to the personnel and

technical resources of qualified legal, commercial and engineering

staff. Industry-relevant subjects are processed and industry

standards developed in various project groups. When it comes to

child safety, the ViS for example provided the entire industry with

information on the new provisions of DIN EN 13120 and made a

considerable contribution to making it possible to implement the

ViS – Association of Interior Privacy

and Sun Shades

subject in a legally viable manner in industry, trade and handicraft

with information sheets, forms and expert opinions. The work of

other project groups deals with product characteristics, performance

categories or statistics.

In addition, the ViS represents the interests of its members in

the field of standardisation at the national and European level. It

cultivates interaction with other industry associations and partners,

such as important trade fair companies in Frankfurt, Stuttgart or

Cologne. Strategic approaches are established for communication at

the European level in the network of related associations, especially

in relation to the European sun protection association ES-SO.

In addition, theViS draws up statistics on the sales and turnover of

its association members. Since 2016 the survey has also been carried

out in extended product ranges that also cover new products, such

as cellular pleated blinds or double roller blinds. Moreover, the sur-

vey interval was reduced from semi-annual to quarterly, rendering it

more informative.