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The exterior blind not only

guarantees heat protection,

glare protection and privacy,

but also ideal through vision.

The demand for flexible sun and heat protection products

that meet the greater demands for comfort of building

owners is continuously increasing.


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Light control to perfection

Designing facades with large glass surfaces is an architectural trend. It provides

residents with a free view of the outside and allows lots of light into the rooms.

or blinds. It not only guarantees heat protection,

glare protection and privacy, but also combines

these properties with optimal through vision. As

a result, it boosts convenience in a fourfold man-

ner: through a soothing indoor climate, pleasant

lightness, secure privacy and a good view.

Oriented to the human

point of view

The special feature of the ProVisio exterior blind

compared to a standard exterior blind is the spe-

cial inclination of the shutter slats.This is changed

fluidly over the entire hanging height. It orients

itself to the human point of view so that one al-

ways has the best view from the top to the bottom

through the shutter slats.

A conventional exterior blind with horizontal

shutter slats only permits free view at eye level

and at a restricted angle. Only about 55 percent

free view is available. Thanks to the continuous-

ly adjustable shutter slat adjustment, the ProVi-

sio exterior blind can improve through vision by

25 percent so that simultaneous privacy protec-

tion from being seen from outside can be combined with approxi-

mately 80 percent free view of the outside. The characteristics of a

conventional exterior blind remain present without any restrictions

in this respect. As a result, ProVisio is suitable for use in the private

area as well as, for example, in offices with computer workplaces or



Intelligent sun and heat protection

There is a trend to high, open rooms and giant window surfaces in

new construction, which ensures that the atmosphere in residential

rooms is light and friendly. However, to prevent them heating up

too much while being optimally illuminated by daylight, demand is

growing for flexible sun and heat protection products, which meet

building owners’ rising demands for comfort. An ideal solution is

available from the building automation specialist Rademacher with

its wireless HomePilot system: if you use it to automate roller shut-

ters, awnings and exterior blinds, it guarantees ideal control of the

light and heat conditions, a reduction in energy costs and a pleas-

ant room climate in your own home or commercially used premises.

Individual needs

The advantages of automated roller shutters and awnings are par-

ticularly noticeable in summer: when the sun is strong, spending

time outside is more pleasant due to the shade, while the inside

rooms do not heat up too much and plants and furniture are pro-

tected against direct sunlight.You can control the HomePilot either

with your smartphone or tablet or classically on the spot using the

newmultiple wall switch. One great advantage is that the newmul-

tiple wall switch is available as a 230 V flush-mounted version or

as surface-mounted device with battery operation for fast retrofit-

ting. Time-dependent programming is no problem with the intui-

tive menu guidance of the HomePilot user interface; even complex


At the same time, this convenience also has its disadvantages: a

free view invites prying eyes from outside. Unrestricted daylight

incidence can also mean glare, while light-flooded rooms heat up

quickly in summer. As a result, Warema has developed its own sun

protection, which preserves the positive aspects of glass surfaces

and minimises the negative ones: the new exterior blind ProVisio.

The ProVisio exterior blind can do more than conventional exteri-