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Different colours and light

transparencies permit the

individual configuration of

the shading - matching every


12 Companies

Controlling daylight

Anyone who wants to make best use of daylight without the risk

being blinded by glare, can rely on heroal LC to be the right solu-

tion. Instead of completely darkening the room, the double-walled

aluminium shutter slats permit individual light control. Every shut-

ter slat can be individually positioned - but segmented darkening

is possible too.This combines the advantages of roller shutters and

exterior blinds in one system.Thanks to the high

wind stability of up to 95 km/h, the shutter slates

only close at wind strength 10 - but continue to

provide protection against glare.

Façade integration

Thanks to its narrow coil diameter, the textile

sun protection heroal VS Z can be integrated in

the façade and is thus unseen. The building is

effectively protected against the sun from out-

side only when it needs to be and this in differ-

ent fabric colours and light transparencies. The

fabrics can be chosen from complete blackout to

light shading - also free of PVC. At heroal, colour

coordination of the facade system with the sun

protection system is no problem thanks to the

in-house coating department.All the advantages

of heroal’s powder coating can be optimally used

in this way. This sun protection is wind-stable

even at great heights - its zip closure system on

the sides ensures grip in the guide rails - even in

the face of storm gusts. Apart from its quick and

easy assembly, the easy availability in the event

of repair is another advantage.

Stylish total blackout

The heroal rs hybrid also creates a snug atmos-

phere with its roller shutter textile combination.

Outside, the aluminium shutter slats provide for the greatest pos-

sible sun protection while on the inside the weather-proof roller

shutter and sun protection system is fitted with a water- and dirt

repellent textile fabric. Apart from the stylish total blackout, it also

provides noise and heat insulation. The system combines the ad-

vantages of roller shutters with the aesthetics of textile fabric.

Sun protection systems of heroal

heroal provides its customers with a comprehensive sun protection programme. The

systems meet different requirements of users and can be combined in any way, as they

prefer: individual light control for glare-free daylight, wind-stable partial shading or

complete blackout.


Arrival and accommodation

Thanks to its location between the airport and motor-

way, the trade fair and congress grounds have a good

traffic infrastructure. Direct connections to the A8, B27,

airport, mass transit S-train system and planned local

and national railway station ensure pleasantly short

journeys to the fairgrounds in the minute range. As a

result, the distances to a large number of overnight

stay options are also short. You can reach Stuttgart’s

city centre in about 20 minutes with the S-train.

Public transport

Messe Stuttgart has ideal public transport connections.

You can reach the fairgrounds conveniently by bus or S-

train. Every admission ticket includes a Stuttgart public

transport ticket.

Long distance buses

Apart from the local public transport buses, a series of

long distance buses travel to Messe Stuttgart.


The fairgrounds are right on the A8 and can be reached

directly by car. There are 8200 parking spaces.


The airport is only 200 m away. You can be at the R+T

in a few minutes.


Stuttgart is directly connected to 13 European capitals

via the railway network (ICE, IC, InterRegio). Stuttgart’s

main central station is in the city centre, about 13 km

from Stuttgart airport and Messe Stuttgart.

You can find additional information about arrivals and

hotel reservations via the following links: