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Welcome 5

Supporting programme

As the leading world trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and

sun protection, the R+T 2018 necessarily has a varied support-

ing programme, which offers you

clear added value as a visitor. A large

number of special shows and par-

allel events organised both by the

R+T project team as well as by asso-

ciations and institutions will ensure

that you can expand your technical

knowledge in a targeted manner.

For example, the renowned Inno-

vation Prize will be awarded for the

tenth time at the coming R+T, a prize

that is offered in cooperation be-

tween the Bundesverband Rollladen

und Sonnenschutz e.V., the BVT – Verband Tore, the Industriev-

erband Technische Textilien – Rollladen – Sonnenschutz e.V. and

Messe Stuttgart. The prizes are awarded in nine different catego-

ries, beginning with the product groups roller shutters, awnings,

exterior blinds, interior sun protection, technical textiles, gates/

doors, drives and controls and special solutions. In 2018 addition-

al special prizes for design, energy efficiency, craftsmanship and

young craftspeople will be awarded too.

At the next R+T the Bundesverband Rollladen und Sonnenschutz

e.V. will once again be looking for young talents that can be pre-

sented within the framework of a special exhibition.Young experts

from the roller shutter and sun protection technician handicraft

will present selected journeyman and master pieces on the spot

from the last three years and provide an impressive demonstra-

tion of the high quality work that apprenticeship in this trade per-

mits. At the forum, which will in part be initiated by the BVT-Ver-

band Tore, highly complex technical matters related to door/gate

technology will be presented clearly in various specialist talks.The

scientific services provider and testing institute ift Rosenheim will

also make a contribution with its tried-and-tested special shows,

which are always oriented to issues of concern to the

industry. Incidentally, the R+T International Forum will

permit seeing things in a wider perspective: here R+T

subsidiaries that in the meantime have become estab-

lished throughout the world will be presented in detail.


Consequently, the R+T in Stuttgart will yet again pro-

vide you with a central place to get together to keep up

with the state of the art

in the industry. Experi-

encing innovative prod-

ucts, cultivating social contacts,

direct access to valuable expert

knowledge and face-to-face ex-

changes about it with trade col-

leagues – all of this can be com-

bined with attendance at the R+T.

See you in 2018 in Stuttgart!

”In 2018 you

can also look

forward to a

varied supporting


re technology meets han-

dicraft - I’m always inspired

by this mixture!”“

Anne-Kathrin Müller,

Project Head

“2018 will be the third R+T

that I’ve been on board.

We are getting increa-

sing international, which

is absolutely fascinating

to implement. In addition,

I’m especially fascinated by

how innovative and simul-

taneously down-to-earth

the industry is. This is whe-

Messe Stuttgart