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Page Background

Thanks to the new

construction of another

hall, it was possible to

optimise the concept of

the trade fair and adapt it

even better to the needs

of the market.

4 Welcome

exhibitors: for example, the Oskar Lapp Hall (Hall 6) will become

a ‘Mecca’ for the gastronomy and hotel sector. In this way the

outdoor living area will be provided with a suitable presentation

area to do justice to market demands. The

segment for‘outdoor living area extension’

is after all becoming increasingly impor-

tant in the industry.

Apart from the classic R+T visitors, this

concept will in addition appeal to deci-

sion-makers involved in investing in and

expanding restaurant areas. Familiar in-

dustry players along with numerous inter-

national exhibitors have already been re-

cruited and they will play a decisive role

in helping to shape the appearance of the

hall in terms of the new concept through

their trade fair appearances at R+T 2018.

Trends and topics

Of course, you can once again expect to find a coherent overall

concept related to roller shutters,

doors/gates and sun protection

systems at R+T 2018. The build-

ing efficiency section will play a

big role in the upcoming edition

of the leading world trade fair and

the products and services present-

ed will have no problem in match-

ing international standards. Apart

from the systems themselves,

which are always in line with the

state of the art, automation is be-

coming increasingly prominent.

And this for good reason: after all,

intelligent control systems are in-

dispensable if what counts is re-

ally efficient use of sun protection

and gate systems. It is long since

no longer just a question of pro-

tecting rooms against overheat-

ing from excessive insolation and as a result reducing the use

of air conditioning systems. The sun’s heat must also be used

precisely when it is needed in the cold months in order to use it

to save heating energy. The same applies

to the optimal exploitation of the natural

daylight, which saves the use of artificial

light and in this way also conserves nat-

ural resources. Employment of the corre-

sponding controls for doors also ensures

that the loss of energy is reduced around

where they are in use. Hence, on balance

the industry is continuing to make pro-

gress in establishing itself as a true energy

saving expert, since thanks to the innova-

tive products, it is possible to cover a wid-

er range than almost anywhere else.

The focus on safety will be equally com-

prehensive. Among other things, this will

also apply to gates and doors, which the

industry has concentrated on for years, along with energy effi-

ciency. Furthermore, burglary protection is growing in impor-

tance, due to the increasing numbers of burglaries. Apart from

the modern sun protection and door systems, whose character-

istics guarantee maximum security, automation plays a promi-

nent role here too. Clever smart home solutions ensure that resi-

dents’presence is simulated and trigger an alarm in emergencies.

And this not just in the event of break-ins, but also in the event

of weather changes, etc., producing a fully coherent security con-

cept for the building.

In addition to the technical innovations, design will naturally also

play an important role at the R+T 2018. Irrespective of whether

sun protection or door/gate solutions: the systems are all impres-

sive and provide almost limitless versatility regarding optical de-

sign options. The new awning cloth collection will be presented

just in time for the leading world trade fair. Apart from its high

quality, it will above all delight with its range of colours and de-

signs. As a result, you will be able to acquire an overview of what

could inspire your customers in the coming main awning season.

The same applies both to internal privacy and sun protection: a

multitude of companies will demonstrate how their products can

create atmosphere in rooms.

“At the R+T in

Stuttgart industry

experts get together

to talk shop in the

interests of successful

joint operation on

the market.”

Sebastian Schmid,

Department Head

“I’m delighted that the exhibitors

have responded so well to our op-

timised hall concept. I’m sure the

visitors will be just as pleased with

it and look forward to making a

success of the leading world trade

fair with the exhibitors and R+T

project team, which always has its

ear to the ground in the market!“

Messe Stuttgart

fair stands at which many

visitors will feel welcome

and get valuable input for

their daily business!“

Ina Fröhlich,

Project Advisor

“Only a little over a year to

go and the next R+T will at

last start! We already can’t

wait for the kick-off and I’m

especially looking forward

to witnessing the result of

the fantastic cooperation

between the exhibitors and

ourselves: impressive trade

Messe Stuttgart