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The development cycle of numerous new products for

the industry related to roller shutters, doors and sun

protection proceeds in sync with the occurrence of the

R+T in Stuttgart, meaning it is possible to present the

latest innovations here every three years. Over a total

of five trade fair days, you can discover on the spot in

close interaction with the manufacturers just what the

high quality products can do and where clear future

trends are emerging. Whether at the trade fair itself,

during the varied supporting programme or at one of

the many evening events – at the R+T in Stuttgart the

industry’s experts get together to talk shop in order to

be able to operate successfully together on the market.

Even better, nowhere is this valuable know-how more

international than at the R+T in Stuttgart: of the total

of 60 000 people attending the R+T 2015, over 50 per-

cent came from abroad. They travelled there from 131

countries to learn about the innovations of the over

888 exhibitors in the field of roller shutters, doors and

sun protection.

Optimised hall concept

Thanks to the newly constructed Paul Horn Hall (Hall

10), it was possible to further adjust the hall concept of

the leading world trade fair of the market and further

develop the product range. The expanded west en-

trance will ensure that visitors are more evenly distrib-

uted at the R+T 2018 than previously. The door/gate

industry will get its own foyer with the Alfred Kärcher

Hall (Hall 8) and the Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10) and as

a result will be more concentrated in its presentation

than previously. The short distances and structure of

the fairgrounds will then facilitate further centralisa-

tion and improvement in the quality of the sun pro-

tection sector.

Consequently, sun protection will be presented at

R+T 2018 without any noticeable changes in the fa-

miliar layout with its ‘core exhibitors’ in Hall 4 and in

the Oskar Lapp Hall (Hall 6). An important consider-

ation here is winning over new target groups for the


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Welcome to R+T 2018!

It won’t be long now: R+T 2018 will open its doors from 27 February to 3 March 2018. The

trade world will then get together in Stuttgart to find out about the latest industry prod-

ucts, trends and developments. The trade fair is the number one worldwide and enjoys equal

regard as a platform for innovation, industry barometer and industry meeting.

Messe Stuttgart

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