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Die Funktechnologie ermöglicht eine drahtlose Bedienung.

The radio technology permits wireless operation.

the slatted curtain to best ad-

vantage. Here the eye-catcher

is not just the slatted curtain,

but also the rail. The overall

picture is rounded off by the

new wall bracket and operat-

ing components. All coordi-


Comfort operation

Since 1 September 2014 the EU

standard 13120 on the subject

of child safety has been sup-

plemented with internal priva-

cy and sun protection products.

The tensioned systems and

productswithTeba comfort op-

eration have always met these

requirements. Some are fitted

with sophisticated technology,

which manages without loops,

cords or chains – others do not

have the operating elements

anywhere in the range of chil-


Small children cannot reach

the user-friendly comfort op-

eration systems, like LiteRise,

SmartCord and electrical oper-

ation from the floor. Panel cur-

tains and tensioned systems

are likewise operated without

cords and chains. As a result,

these intelligent operating sys-

tems are not just convenient



- Topfix



• Beschränkt die Sonneneinstrahlung

bei Lichtbändern, Oberlichtern und


• Unübertroffene Tuchspannung dank

einer Kombination von der Fixscreen-

Technologie mit einer revolutionären


• Garantie bis zu extremen

Windgeschwindigkeiten von 120 km/h

• Kompakte Kassette

• Diskrete Top- oder Bottom-Montage

• Flächen bis 30 m² in einem Teil

Windfest in jeder Position!

24/02 - 28/02/2015

Halle 5 - Stand C72

R+T_messezeitung_27_februar_230x155.indd 1

2/02/15 13:34

and innovative – but also child-


Teba has developed – exclu-

sively – new operating ele-

ments for cord and chain-oper-

ated sun protection products,

which help to attach these

products elegantly and at the

same time in a child-friendly

manner. From chain-/cord ten-

sioner and cord winder to cord

collector. To create a uniform

appearance, Teba has in addi-

tion developed a turning but-

ton and tassel in the same de-

sign. The operating elements

are available in two attractive

colours. Anthracite and white.

Top flight living comfort

Privacy and sun protection

solutions can be reliably au-

tomated with drive and con-

trol components. Connection

to the building automation

is possible too. The RTS radio

technology provides a wide va-

riety of functions and permits

choosing a customised control

solution, exactly adapted to

the customer’s preferences.

Teba offers theWireFree motor

concept fromSomfy for electric

operation of interior sun pro-

tection. The radio technology

permits wireless operation.The

power supply is guaranteed by

lithium batteries or recharge-

able batteries – without mains

connection. Charging with so-

lar energy is especially energy-

saving. The narrow solar panel

measuring 3.5 x 30 cm is glued

to the window pane and inte-

grates itself discreetly in the

overall appearance.

Motorising Venetian blinds,

folded blinds, Roman blinds

and roller blinds is child’s play

with the new battery-operat-

ed drive solution WireFree. The

special advantage is the low in-

stallation costs and fast instal-

lation. Laying cables, dirt and

renovation effort are things

of the past. Teba has even un-

veiled a profile technology of

its own development with bat-

tery compartment for the roller


Unique mixture of roller

shutter and Venetian blind

Perfect view and maximum

security: the multi-functional

and exclusive CeGeDe roller

shutter Venetian blind RoJa 61

combines the advantages of

roller shutters and Venetian

blind in a system with which

it is not just possible to con-

trol light conveniently. The all-

rounder also regulates the

room climate, protects against

heat, cold, noise and makes it

harder for uninvited guests

to peer into or penetrate into

roomwhen closed as well as in

Venetian blind position – cer-

tified according to the guide-

lines of the BVRS. It can be

closed, opened or moved to the

Venetian blind position at the

push of a button from any po-


Made of extremely high quali-

tymaterials in the finest finish-

ing, the elegant roller shutter

Venetian blind RoJa 61 provides

a perfect view and maximum

security. The extruded alumin-

ium hollow body slats are very

strong. The profiles interlock

perfectly and close thewindow

surface almost hermetically.

CeGeDe provides certification

courses for this exclusive RoJa

product. Specialist dealers re-

ceive a mass of information,

e.g. tips on sales talks, deter-

mining the technical feasibility

or assembly assistance under

expert guidance.

Hall 7, Stand A62