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This is because creating a bal-

anced relationship between

glare protection and daylight

incidence is important for

people’s well-being.

Special noise-absorbing fab-

rics can shorten the echo

time in a room and ensure

clear sound quality especial-

ly in the frequencies of the

voice (20-20 000 Hz). The

new audio-optimised Ware-

ma designs possess individu-

al acoustic properties. Thanks

to the new selection, the echo

time of the room can be low-

Farbkarten ermöglichen einen schnellen, themenspezifischen Einstieg.

Colour cards permit fast, topic-specific entry.

ered by materials that have a

correspondingly high absorp-

tion degree. Antimicrobial

fabrics were likewise taken

into account for the medical

sphere. They have an antibac-

terial effect and prevent the

propagation of microorgan-

isms on the fabric thanks to

their special impregnation.

Special fabrics are likewise

available to improve thermal

insulation. Thanks to a low-e

coating, they reflect the long

wave thermal radiation and in

this way also retain warmth

in the room in winter. Anoth-

er focus of attention of the

sunlight manager is on sus-

tainable materials. They can

make an important contribu-

tion to the certification of the

property as an environmen-

tally friendly and sustainable


Interior sun protection is es-

sential for a pleasant living

and working atmosphere.

Provision can be made for at-

tractive accentuation and op-

timal light and climate con-

ditions simply by using the

variety of configurations and

individual designs during

building planning. Especially

in combination with an ex-

terior solution its equivalent

in the interior also improves

the thermal properties of the


Hall 3, Stand C32

Antibakterielle Stoffe gewährleisten ein hygienisches Umfeld.

Antibacterial fabrics guarantee a hygienic environment.

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