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bogen-Raffstoren, Schräg-

Raffstoren und freitragende

Anlagen. Zahlreiche weitere

Speziallösungen wie Warema

vivamatic (www.vivamatic.





enmäßig – reduzieren übli-

che Fahrgeräusche um bis zu

10 dB), windstabileVarianten,

das akkugestützte Notraff-

Set für Fluchtwege oder die



schichtung Reynolux EcoClea

für Raffstore-Lamellen ma-

chen das Unternehmen nach

eigenen Angaben zum Takt-

geber im Raffstorenmarkt.

Halle 3, Stand C32




venetian blinds (Fenster-Sys-

tem-Raffstoren – FSR) were

developed for direct assem-

bly on windows. They are dis-

tinguished by uncomplicat-

ed planning, a high degree

of pre-assembly and low as-

sembly effort. The systems

can be integrated inconspicu-

ously or visibly in the façade

and merge seamlessly with

composite thermal insulation

systems, plastered facades

or existing shafts. The new

FSR generation from Warema

now offers even more options

for responding flexibly to re-

quirements at the building


Invisible or visible cover


The flexibility of the revised

product range begins with

the choice of cover panels. If

these are intended as far as

possible to merge with the

facade, they are installed cov-

ered and are almost invisible.

The “FSR P” version is avail-

able for this purpose – it has

a plastered cover panel and

effortlessly meets all require-

ments of the current EnEV.

The guide profiles can be front

plastered. A patented guide

profile is available for flush-

mounted fitting in which the

plaster bearing panel is inte-

grated directly between the

window and guide profile. It

is also possible to provide the

exterior venetian blind cover

panels with integrated lintel

insulation made of polyure-

thane hard foam (PUR) with

double-sided aluminium lam-

ination. This enhances the

energy-saving effects, thanks

to effective thermal separa-

tion and compared to classic

polystyrene possesses 30%

superior insulating character-

istics. This is an effective way

of preventing thermal bridges

and condensation. In the visi-

ble “FSR E” version the rectan-

gular cover panels and guide

profiles are integrated in the

façade, but can in general still

be seen. But plastering the

guide profiles is also option-

ally possible here. Thanks to

the wide colour selection for

slats, cover panels, guide pro-

files and base rails, it is pos-

sible in this way to accentu-

ate individual colours on the


Variable cover panel

depths and heights

Cover panels are available in

the depths “S” and “L.” Their

size depends on the slat de-

sign. The cover panels of the

two basic types, “FSR P” and

“FSR E”are bent inwards in the

standard design to achieve an

installation depth cut by 15

mm (FSR PS-0 or FSR ES-0).

Here too Warema offers new

flexibility. This is because the

cover panels can also be bent

backwards towards the win-

dow. Depending on the cover

panel depth, various reversed

edges are available for this

purpose. This is particularly

useful if the insulation needs

more space or the intention is

to integrate insect protection.

To achieve the planned wall

structure with the intended

window position, up to two

lining profiles can be inserted

in thicknesses of 15 or 20 mm.

Since in future it will be pos-

sible to fit all versions with

beaded slats and with opti-

mised package heights, the

normal cover panel heights

are also reduced. In the case

of floor heights of 2650 mm

they are reduced from 300

to 240 mm. This produces

an additional improvement

in buildings’ energy balance


Various slat forms and

new guidance versions

It is also possible to respond

flexibly to the requirements

of the users in the choice

of the slat form. For exam-

ple, apart from the new 80 S

beaded slats, 80 mm flat slats

or dim-out slats in the widths

73/90/93 mm can also be

used. The new product range

now also makes allowance

for systems with filigree ca-

ble guides or a combination

of cable and guide rails. As a

result, there is no longer any

obstacle to attractive solu-

tions for shading of all-glass

corners. In addition, there are

versions with self-support-

ing central guide rails, which

are attached at the top in the

cover panel and below on the

floor or to the window. For ex-

ample, they facilitate the use

of insect protection sliding

frames in lift/-sliding doors.

These new guide versions are

also distinguished by a high

degree of pre-assembly.

Exterior venetian blinds

manage the sunlight

Warema has been develop-

ing and producing modern,

functional sun protection so-

lutions, which facilitate active

sunlight management, since

1955. Exterior venetian blinds

have played an important

role here since the beginning

of the 1960s. Warema’s solu-

tions include not just innova-

tive technology, but also com-

prehensive expert knowledge

and high standards. This is

why exterior venetian blinds

stand for maximum quality

at the world’s biggest exterior

venetian blind manufactur-

er. Ten different slat geome-

tries, 30 standard slat colours

and over 500 different pow-

der coatings with all kinds of

surfaces fulfil every wish. The

most comprehensive prod-

uct range on the market in-

cludes basic exterior vene-

tian blinds, window system

exterior venetian blinds, met-

al system exterior venetian

blinds, front-mounted exte-

rior venetian blinds, round

arch exterior venetian blinds,

asymmetrical exterior vene-

tian blinds and self-support-

ing systems. Numerous other

special solutions, likeWarema



com), noise-optimised upper

rail carriers (standard equip-

ment – reduce normal travel

noise by up to 10 dB), wind-

stable versions, the battery-

assisted emergency blind set

for escape routes or the revo-

lutionary protective coating

Reynolux EcoClea for exterior

venetian blind slats make the

company according to its own

information the pacemaker

on the exterior venetian blind


Hall 3, Stand C32

Die Variante “FSR P” verfügt über

eine Einputzblende.

The “FSR P” version has a plaste­

red cover panel.

Neben klassischen Führungspro-

filen sieht das neue Programm

nun auch Anlagen mit filigraner

Seilführung oder einer Kombina-

tion aus Seil- und Führungsschie-

nen vor.

Apart from classic guide profiles

the new product range now also

provides for systems with filigree

cable guide or a combination of

cable and guide rails.

ROMA. Wohnen beginnt vor dem Fenster.




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