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Our solution of the control mechanism fully

eliminates that risk and conforms to the

newly established standards. The commonly

used and very popular ball chain was hidden

from the child’s sight into an aluminium tube.

Looking after a child that fidgets all

the time is sometimes impossible ...

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Child safety


1. Articulated mechanism

of the control rod allows deflec-

tion to optional angle for easy han-

dling. It also facilitates tilting of

the control mechanism by 90° for

packing and transport purposes.

2. The design

of the control slider is ergonomic

so that it suits right- and left-hand-

ed people.

The mechanism of the slider as

such provides the right fixation of

the chain inside the slider to avoid


3. The control rod

is provided with a brake at the

end that ensures fixation of the

position of a pulled up blind, al-

ternatively fixes the position in any


Our newly designed control mechanism does not disturb the interior in any manner

whatsoever. It is made in colours that are commonly used in the interior shielding

technology. To avoid damaging the rod or the interior whenever the window tips up

the control rod can be easily fixed to the window by means of a clip. The control rod is

made of pressed aluminium material; functional elements are made of highly resistant

plastics. It can be used in bathrooms, covered pools, etc., without worrying about

corrosion or limited service life.