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These included coordinated

shades and high quality sur-

faces. Warema has set new

standards for the selection of

colours with its new world of


The newWarema

world of colour

Warema’s standard colour

chart has been revised and

restructured. The result is the

Warema world of colour. All

powder coatings have now

been subdivided into the cat-

egories Highlight, Variation

and Individual. The Highlight

category includes twelve pow-

der shades, which follow cur-

rent trends in the window and

façade area. They are avail-

able in five surface qualities

(silky gloss, matte, fine struc-

ture, highly weather resistant

matte, highly weather resist-

ant fine structure). The Ware-

ma world of colour is sup-

plemented by the Variation

category with another 50 RAL

colours – optionally in the sur-

face qualities silky gloss,matte,

fine structure or highly weath-

er resistant matte. The Indi-

vidual area rounds off the new

Warema world of colour with

another 180 powder coatings.

Consequently, the sunlight

manager provides a compre-

hensive colour portfolio for al-

uminium parts (these include

cover panels, guide rails, boxes

and profiles). The powder coat-

ing in the factory’s own coat-

ing facility generally occurs

with chromate-free pre-treat-

ment in accordance with Qual-

ity Association for Piece Coat-

ing (GSB) according to GSB AL

631 guideline.

Highly weather resistant

powder coating

The highly weather resistant

surface quality provides opti-

mised protection of the ma-

terial against climatic influ-

ences. Up to now it has above

all been used in areas with

high humidity and ultravio-

let radiation exposure. This

is because the more extreme

the effect of the combina-

tion of sunlight, temperature

and moisture on the mate-

rial is, the greater the change

in the surface structure over

the years. The high paint and

weather resistance of the

quality means that highly

weather resistant paints are

now also to be found ever

more frequently in temper-

ate climatic zones. This is be-

cause demanding architects

and building owners rightly

expect an appearance with

excellent long term weather

and light resistance.

Collection for exterior

venetian blind slats and

roller shutter slats

Since exterior venetian blinds

and roller shutters are often

combined with each other on

the windows of modern fa-

cades, Warema had already

introduced a standard col-

lection for exterior venetian

blind slats and roller shut-

ter slats in 2012. There are 24

shades coordinated with each

other, which harmonise with

the newWarema world of col-

ours for cover panels, boxes

and guide rails.

Colour extension with

front-mounted roller

shutter V4

The company also extended

the colour spectrum for the

V4 front-mounted roller shut-

ter with the introduction of

the newWarema world of col-

our. As a result, roller shutter

boxes, guide rails and end rails

will in future be available in

all twelve shades of the High-

light category instead of four

as previously. In addition, one

can choose between the five

qualities silky gloss, matte,

fine structure, highly weath-

er resistant matte and highly

weather resistant fine struc-

ture. Thanks to the new selec-

tion of 60 variants, ideal coor-

dination with neighbouring

elements such as windows

and façade areas is also possi-

ble with the V4.

Hall 3, Stand C32

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Die Oberflächenqualität HWF (hochwetterfest) bietet einen optimier-

ten Schutz des Materials gegen Klimaeinflüsse.

The highly weather resistant surface quality provides optimised pro­

tection of the material against climatic influences.

Terrassenüberdachung mit rotier- und

einziehbaren Aluminiumlamellen

24/02 - 28/02/2015

Halle 5 - Stand C72



• Rotierbare und einziehbare Dachlamellen

• Vollständig flaches Dach in geschlossenem


• Optimierte Wasserabfuhr zu den Pfosten beim

Öffnen der Lamellen


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