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thermal insulation. The pack-

age height is decisive in plan-

ning the shaft or cover panel

heights on the building. Since

these are aweakness in the fa-

çade froman energy efficiency

point of view, they should be

kept as small as possible. This

is because the smaller the

shaft, the lower the potential

energy losses. Valuable centi-

metres can now be saved with

the new Warema 80 S model.

The sunlight manager has not

only succeeded in reducing

the package height by more

than 15 per cent, but simulta-

neously in increasing the sta-

bility of the slats by over five

per cent. Since the cover pan-

el sizes required also decrease

with the package height, sun

protection can in addition be

integrated far more inconspic-

uously in the façade. Warema

provides a free application on

the internet to calculate the

package height of all types

available. It can be retrieved

round the clock at http://apps.


The details are

what count

Warema overhauled the de-

sign of the bottom rails and

slat geometry to reduce the

package height. Thanks to a

marked reduction in the di-

ameter of the beading, the

slats now appear even more

delicate. Moreover, the new

slat geometry ensures more

stability and strength. The

optimised guide nipple with

high quality, flush-mounted

recessed two-point welding

and large counter plate trans-

fer stability to the guide rails.

A new cable guide lug not

only permits the greatest pos-

sible turning angle, but like-

wise makes a contribution to

reducing the package height.

Last but not least, the shutter

strap lugs were also improved

to enable the light incidence

in the room interior to be re-

duced to a minimum.

Exterior venetian blinds

manage sunlight

Warema has been develop-

ing and producing modern,

functional sun protection so-

lutions, which facilitate active

sunlight management since

1955. Exterior venetian blinds

have played an important role

here since the beginning of the

1960s. Warema’s solutions in-

clude not just innovative tech-

nology,but also comprehensive

expert knowledge and high

standards. This is whyWarema

exterior venetian blinds stand

for the highest quality. Ten

different slat geometries, 30

standard slat colours and over

250 different powder coatings

with all kinds of surfaces fulfil

almost every wish. The product

range includes window sys-

tem exterior venetian blinds,

metal system exterior venetian

blinds, front mounted exteri-

or venetian blinds, round arch

exterior venetian blinds, asym-

metrical exterior venetian

blinds and self-supporting sys-

tems. Numerous other special

solutions such as Warema vi-




noise-optimised upper rail sup-

ports, wind-stable versions, the



blind set for escape routes or

the revolutionary protective

coating Reynolux EcoClean for

exterior venetian blind slats

make the company by its own

account the pacemaker in the

exterior venetian blind market.

Hall 3, Stand C32

Die neue Lamellengeometrie sorgt für Stabilität und Festigkeit.

The new slat geometry ensures more stability and strength.

Einzigartig sind die 2-Punkt verschweißten Führungsnippel, die flä-

chenbündig in die Oberfläche der Lamelle eingelassen werden.

The two-point welded guide nipples set flush-mounted in the surface

of the slats are unique.




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