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Rollladen · Tore · Sonnenschutz







Februar 2015

Rollladen ·Tore · Sonnenschutz




Ein voller Erfolg!


Vertriebsteam verstärkt




Wir holen Sie auf den Titel !

Seien Sie in

Halle 5


Stand D


unser RTS-Titel-Motiv und

sichern Sie sich so Ihr persönliches Andenken an die R+T 2015.

Die besten Titel werden im RTS-Magazin veröffentlicht.

Maren Meyerling: Your slo-

gan is Simply. Better. – What

is the underlying message?

Konrad Kaiser: The message

describes what heroal stands

for: our modular solutions for

the external envelope meet

the demands of building own-

ers and investors and undergo

constant optimisation. The fo-

cus here is also on the manu-

facturing processes, which are

becoming progressively more

efficient and at the same time

more energy-conserving –

thanks to self-developed sus-

tainable and intelligent tech-


Maren Meyerling: Tell us

more about the innovations

and systems of the R+T.

Konrad Kaiser: Specifically the

issue is daylight control – the

system heroal LC and a zip

screen – the system heroal VS

Z. It’s all about individual use

of daylight and the opportu-

nity to open up new business

fields with our partners. For

example, in heroal LC we have

made use of a magnetic tech-

nology we developed, which

makes it possible to control

the slats individually and in

this way direct the daylight.

Maren Meyerling: For which

markets are these products

of particular interest?

Konrad Kaiser:Whereas to date

the greater part of our system

goods has been used in single

family homes, we now provide

the opportunity to fit larger

buildings and multi-family

houses with optimal sun pro-

tection systems. The Nether-

lands is definitely also an im-

portant market for the sun

protection segment. In order

to exploit the opportunities

for heroal to the maximum

extent in this market we have

established heroal Nederland

B.V. Under Michèl Willemse’s

management we will be closer

to our customers in the Dutch

market with a bigger new


Maren Meyerling: We’ve

talked a lot about innova-

tions – what tried-and-tes-

ted things will also stay as

they were in future?

Konrad Kaiser: That’s right, we

want to further develop the

company and set new stand-

ards. For this, we as heroal –

and from our point of view

– the entire industry, need in-

novative products. We can

only achieve this with a solid

foundation. In our case this is

our proven product portfolio –

top quality roller shutters and

roll-up door systems, which

we are supplementing with

the sun protection segment.

Constancy in our orientation

and support of our partners

are just as decisive for us as

short decision-making chan-

nels, high individual respon-

sibility and reliability. Conse-

quently, we will continue to

supply system goods to the

producers and expand our


Maren Meyerling: Making

suchadirect statement to the

producers is no longer a mat-

ter of course.What is it about

this procedure that convin-

ces you?

Konrad Kaiser: We are a sys-

tem provider both for roller

shutter, roll-up door and sun

protection systems as well as

in the field of windows, doors

and facades. In each of these

areas we would like to have

strong, independent partners,

which know their local market

and can meet customer ex-

pectations perfectly. Only our

partner, who has the regional

knowledge, can assume the

personal contact and right

consultation with the corre-

sponding know-how. We are

happy to provide support in

this regard.

Maren Meyerling: I under-

stand that you need strong

local partners – but how do

you support them?What ser-

vices are you talking about?

Konrad Kaiser: There are deci-

sive competitive advantages

for our customers as a result

of having a reliable partner at

their side: very short delivery

times, flawless system goods

and services as well as the

complete system portfolio for

the entire external envelope.

All heroal systems go through

a great variety of test proce-

dures, such as the hail resis-

tance test in the field of roller

shutter and roll-up door sys-

tems. The stainless steel roll-

er shutter has special proper-

ties in this respect. Apart from

this, we offer our partners the

option of tailoring – also in

the case of RAL colours and

high quality surface finishing:

on the one hand the two-layer

thick resist in the case of roll-

er-shaped construction ele-

ments and on the other hand

the outstanding heroal hwr

powder coating.

Halle 9, Stand B32

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Michèl Willemse und Konrad Kaiser, Geschäftsführer von heroal.

Michèl Willemse and Konrad Kaiser, managing directors of heroal.

Die 12 Meter hohe Beschichtungsanlage nimmt bis zu 2194 Profile auf und läuft mit einer Kettengeschwindigkeit von 1,5 Metern / Minute.

The 12 m high coating system can handle up to 2194 profiles and runs at a belt speed of 1.5 m / minute.