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and experiments for the fa-

cades of the present and fu-

ture with Manuelle Gautrand

Architecture, Staab Architek-

ten, Transsolar and many oth-

ers. In addition, from 10.30

a.m. Verlags-Marketing Stutt-

gart will conduct a trade fair

tour for planners and con-

sultants. This requires regis-

tration (east entrance, Stand


On Thursday numerous great

opportunities will be on of-

fer at the R+T to deepen your

knowledge in the form of the

ES-SO Workshop (ICS, Room

C4, 10.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.),

the Electricians’ Forum (Hall

4, Stand 4D22, 10.30 a.m. –

12.00 noon) and the Gentner

Forum on the Smart Home

(east entrance, atrium, 10.00

a.m. – 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 –

5.00 p.m.).

On Friday the focus will re-

main on architecture. A great

response is expected to the

premiere of the German Inte-

rior Designers’ Day (GID Day),

where architects, interior de-

signers and interior decora-

tors will meet to discuss the

latest developments in the

architectural interior. The

event will take place in the

atrium at the east entrance

from 9.30 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.

Saturday, the final trade fair

day, will be the last opportu-

nity to experience high tech

on the spot or attend the one

or other great special show.

Predominantly skilled crafts­

people are expected on this

day, who for the most part –

free from day-to-work – can

only attend on Saturday in or-

der to learn more about the

latest trends and products in

the world of roller shutters,

gates/doors and sun protec-


Daily supporting


The ift special show “More

than light and shadow” will

take place daily in the Alfred

Kärcher Hall (Hall 9) at Stand

9B52. The demands on sun /

glare protection, daylight sys-

tems and gates are constant-

ly increasing. Key data such as

the g


value, light transmis-

sion, resistance to wind load,

Protection, BVT – Association

Doors, the Industrial Associa-

tion Technical Textiles – Roller

Shutters – Sun Protection and

the Messe Stuttgart.

“Young talents” await you

at the east entrance, Stand

EO327! The new blood of the

roller shutter and sun protec-

tion skilled craft will get the

opportunity to demonstrate

its abilities under the man-

agement of the Federal As-

sociation Roller Shutters and

Sun Protection. As part of the

special show “Young Talents

2015” selected pieces of work

by young skilled craftspeople

will be presented to those at-

tending the R+T.

You will get an RS update dai-

ly from 11 – 11.30 a.m. on cur-

rent specialist questions in

the form of specialist semi-

nars with speakers from the

BVRS at the east entrance,

Stand EO331. Here the special-

ist consultants of the BVRS

business office will report

on the latest issues from the

fields of technology, law, IT

and vocational training. Here

visitors will also obtain in-

formation in compressed for

their daily work.

The skilled craft battle is a

test of abilities, east entrance,

Stand EO346. Mounting an

awning, replacing the cloth or

installing a new motor with

roller shutters and program-

ming the control? Two-person

teams will compete in the

skilled craft battle with the

faster team winning, though

errors in executing the tasks

will be punished with time


A week full of highlights

The BVT Gate/Door Forum

will open on Wednesday

(Hall 4, Stand 4D22, 1.30 –

4.30 p.m.). Here the focus will

be exclusively on doors and

gates for three days: fire and

smoke protection, security

and maintenance, energy and

sustainability and lots more.

The organisers are the BVT –

Association Doors in coopera-

tion with the industry asso-

ciations BAS.T, E.D.S.F and TTZ.

On Wednesday the Messe

Stuttgart will also present

the satellite trade fairs of the

R+T as part of the R+T Inter-

national Forum at ICS, r. C4.2

and 4.3 from 9.30 – 11.30 a.m.

Industry experts and inter-

national trade associations

will each present various for-

eign markets and answer the

questions of companies in-

terested in taking part in the

trade fair.

Architecture will be the domi-

nant theme on Thursday.“The

Art of Planning,” the architec-

ture event, which enjoyed a

tremendous premiere in 2012

with over 1500 participants,

will present the internation-

al façade congress Façades

2015 (ICS, Room C1.1, 9.30 a.m.

– 2.30 p.m.). Renowned ar-

chitects, engineers and re-

searchers will introduce con-





UV radiation, thermal pro-

tection and safety are neces-

sary for planning and deploy-

ment. The special show of the

ift Rosenheim will present all

the relevant technical param-

eters and technical / scien-

tific, regulatory standard and

statutory requirements on

the basis of the products of

leading manufacturers.

Members of the interested

trade public will have the op-

portunity from the first day of

the trade fair in the form of a

poster show to find out more

about the prize-winners and

winning products of the Inno-

vation Prize 2015 at the east

entrance, Stand EO311. The

coveted R+T Innovation Prize

has been awarded nine times

jointly by the Federal Associa-

tion Roller Shutters and Sun

Der ES-SOWorkshop bietet am Donnerstag eine großartige Möglichkeit,Wissen zu erweitern.

On Thursday the ES-SOWorkshop will provide a great opportunity to deepen knowledge.

„The Art of Planning“ feierte 2012 mit mehr als 1500 Teilnehmern eine grandiose Premiere.

In 2012 “The Art of Planning” enjoyed a tremendous premiere with over 1500 participants.

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